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Pink bathroom with roll top bath

Save money when renovating your bathroom

Many of our customers when taking on a bathroom project overcompensate on how much it will cost them. New bathrooms do not need excessive amounts of money to look modern, well designed and functional.

Here, we gives some tips on how to create a stylish and modern bathroom, with functionality, without spending a fortune.

Bathroom design with tiles

Create a sensible layout

Create a CAD design for your bathroom before committing to anything. This will allow you to see the layout first and decide if it is practical and functional.

This is the number one rule when saving money on the bathroom renovation.

Some customers want extra large shower enclosures, big and bold vanity units or specific mirrors, but if they won’t fit, or will decrease the footprint of the bathroom, you need to know.

As bathroom designers and installers, we always take measurements of your bathroom to show you the different options available within the space using our CAD software.

Pink bathroom with roll top bath

Use plumbing already present in the bathroom

Unless it is relatively easy to do, or you desperately want a certain feature within your new bathroom, moving existing pipework can be expensive – and less functional.

We have had suggestions over the years to move bathtubs, separate the shower from the bath and move the WHB, but this can increase the cost of the refurbishment due to additional labour and material costs. So be sure of what you want before committing to big changes in the pipework.

Old bathroom style with exposed wooden beams and roll top bath

Always use the professionals

We have encountered many customers who try and plan the bathroom design themselves, only to find out their vanity unit door hits the w/c.

Even if you want CGH to take a look and at least recommend some designs, we would always be willing to look over your own design thoughts and let you know the pros and cons.

Pick our brains. Use our experience. We can assist with buying materials and furniture, making sure all the items are functional and practical for your bathroom layout.

You can also save money by buying through ourselves due to our discounts with suppliers.

Marble walled shower room design and marble top sink

Give a concise list of works to be completed

At CGH, we will always complete a pre-survey of the bathroom with you at our side, meaning we can list every little detail on our ‘to do’ list and we can both watch our installation team work through the list.

This helps as drawing up a clear program of works, you know what you are paying for so can budget accordingly. Every little detail is noted with the bathroom, from electrics, to lighting, to positions of bathtubs and shower heads, so it is very clear where you stand.

Moreover, we offer an all-trades service, so we will manage the design and installation from start to finish. No need to plan a tiler to arrive on Thursday. That’s our job.

Elegant green subway tiled bathroom with stylish roll top bath

To tile, or not to tile, that is the question

Part-tiling bathrooms has become very popular and can save costs within the bathroom refurbishment. Our design team can show multiple examples of bathrooms where the tiles stop half way up the wall and where paint has been used for the remainder of the wall, meaning the bathroom can be refreshed in the future with a new colour of paint.

We are also seeing an increase in picture frames within bathrooms, so part-tiling definitely saves costs, but is also on-trend with modern bathroom styles.

Marble walled sophisticated bathroom with stylish oval ceramic bath

Bathroom materials do not need to be expensive

Many of our customers don’t buy the materials they want, for example, the tiles they want, because they think they will be too expensive. In our experience, this is not always the case. Especially with our trade discounts, materials do not need to cost the world.

Due to technology, it is becoming harder to distinguish between, for example, budget and high end tiles. Speak to our design team who can discuss a range of materials at different budgets with you.

Victorian style bathroom with antique style bathroom suite and exposed floorboards

Sorry bath, your time is up

Very on-trend at the moment, the bathtub could be a thing of the past soon (it definitely won’t, be this sounds more dramatic). Again, this is a way to save extra money and create a much more spacious bathroom.

Only having a walk-in shower not only brings down installation costs, but also lowers running costs due to being more energy efficient.

Maroon coloured bathroom with Victorian styled bathroom suite and taps

Not everything needs changed

If you have tiles that you like, keep them. If your bathtub looks good, keep it. Not everything needs renewed. Many customers feel they should jump head on into the renovation and get new ‘everything’, but this is not the case.

Keep the old extractor fan (after a good clean), keep the ceiling, keep the mirrored lighting. Many of these features can add character to your new bathroom.

Our design team at CGH will always let you know what can be kept and what needs removed as keeping some items may end up costing you in the long-run. Older w/c’s can be problematic if kept for too long. WHB could also need renewed due to cracks or stains. We can advise with all of this.  

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