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Kitchen Island with bar stools and cream kitchen cabinets

Renovations that add value to your property

When deciding over a new kitchen, bathroom, extension or house conversion, the first factors people think about are functionality and extra living space. Another aspect which people should keep in mind is how the home improvement can add value to the property if you ever decide to sell your property.

To help you during this consideration, we have put together some helping tips and ideas that may help you with your home improvement decision.


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Consider what buyers want

Most people upon buying a new property, will make some alterations to the design and layout of the property. Everyone’s tastes are different and with an endless supply of home improvement ideas, alterations are natural when buying a new house.

However, certain trending home improvement factors can help during this process. As much as new buyers will make changes to your property, certain home features can help. Features such as an open-plan kitchen and living area is very on-trend at the moment. Kitchen islands are very popular. Ensuite bathrooms are also high on the wish list.

CGH know the trends that people are asking for these days, so can help when making your decision as to which alteration to make to your home.




Before starting, preview the work via CAD design

At CGH, we offer a design service which allows you to see your new kitchen or bathroom layout before you make your decision to go ahead with the work.

When adding value to your property, the flow of the house is essential. Which wall should you take down, which doors should go where, should you have a separate bath and shower or will this lose too much space.

All these questions can be answered using our CAD design software, because if they are not, once the renovation is complete, you may find yourself regretting your decision as the ‘flow’ does not work.

Design and the quality of work are the key items of a successful home renovation.


Loft Conversion


Research your local area

‘Keeping up with the Joneses’ could play a key role in how you renovate your property. If you are one of the only properties in the street without dormer windows, it may make sense to add some.

People will most always alter internal decoration, but if you have already done the groundwork and added dormer windows, an A-pitched garage conversion, a new loft conversion, or whatever is on-trend within your area, and all the buyers have to do is decorate, then they will pay more for this feature.


Modern fitted kitchen


Focus on the kitchen

The kitchen is the key room in your property that buyers will look at. It can make or break a deal, and often affects the value of your property. A well designed, functional kitchen is a major attribute towards your house value.

Our CAD designs can help with important decisions, such as how to maximise the kitchen space, modern lighting, where the integrated appliances will be placed, what kitchen storage solutions are available, handles, worktops and everyone’s favourite, where your kitchen island should be placed and how it is designed.

A kitchen renovation is a great place to start when thinking about adding value to your property.


Loft conversion bedroom


Loft conversions

One of our most popular renovations at the moment for our customers is a loft conversion. With many homes having the ability to add a loft conversion, it can greatly enhance the value of your property, especially if it is used to create an extra bedroom with en suite.

Not as expensive or as time consuming as a house extension, a loft conversion will need either a staircase or stairs for access, fire regulated doors and new windows for natural light, to name just some features of a loft conversion.

The team at CGH can help with all aspects of work when converting your loft, such as regulations to abide to, building control, architects drawings and installation of the conversion. A sure fire way to add value to your home.



Loft conversion en-suite bathroom


Minimal bathroom

Don’t forget, a bathroom is a place for people to shower or bathe, brush their teeth and well…you know. Don’t worry about having a separate shower to the bath. It is definitely one of the latest trends in bathroom design, but if you don’t have the room for it, don’t do it. Keep things simple.

Our range of bathroom shower heads, taps and bathtubs will allow you to see the options available to you to create a simple, but classy style within your minimal bathroom that suits most people’s tastes.

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