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Small kitchen island in a farmhouse style kitchen with tiled floor

Kitchen Islands Guide

Kitchen island

Small and compact

It can be tempting to try and add bar stools along the side of a kitchen island, but in a small or medium sized kitchen, these extra stools can make the kitchen seem cramped and messy.

By incorporating a small, slim and compact kitchen island with no overhang, you can still leave plenty of floor space for comfortably fitting in a dining table, seating and with plenty of room for footfall.

Kitchen island

Square off

Many islands are rectangular, however, within small to medium sized kitchens, a small square kitchen island may work better. To incorporate this, you can use a small rectangular island, but use a square piece of worktop with overhang cut to size.

In the example above, you can use the overhang for two bar stools, meaning the kitchen island has a much larger worktop space with the footprint of a smaller one.


Kitchen island

Large island = less or more space?

If you are set on having a larger kitchen island, a good solution is to use the island to provide not only more worktop surface, but also to utilise the space underneath the island.

In this example, you can create much more storage shelving under the worktop, meaning less units are required within the kitchen, creating more room for the kitchen island. A great example of how to utilise space.


Square kitchen island


Little island, big character

This two tone kitchen island is the perfect example of a small kitchen island can add character to your kitchen, without losing a huge amount of your floorspace.

Matching the worktop material with the kitchen units is a great design move as it makes the kitchen island clearly part of the kitchen scheme, even though it has a smaller footprint.

Drawers, a kitchen-roll holder, a chopping-board, a fruit bowl or any other smaller items can make this smaller island an integral part of the kitchen, not just decorative.

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