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Central Heating Power Flushing

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Power Flushing

Power Flushing is the process carried out on central heating systems to improve the efficiency of the system, radiators and boiler.

Central Heating Power Flushing can increase the efficiency of your heating system, meaning your home will be warmer and you will also save on energy bills!  

Power Flushing uses chemicals to breakdown the sludge and debris that has developed within the heating system.

A dedicated Power Flushing machine is used to complete this work.

At CGH Heating all our installers are gas safe registered and use equipment which will give the best results in the quickest time possible.

Power Flushing can be completed on any wet central heating system i.e Gas, Oil or Solid Fuel.

Powerflush operation to clean radiators

With every Power Flush, we provide a five year guarantee!

Radiator before Power Flushing

Radiator heat map

Do I need to Power Flush my central heating?

Our Power Flushing checklist:

  • Cold near the base of radiator
  • Cold spots dotted around radiators
  • Clanging noises coming from boiler
  • A Noisy central heating system
  • Rust on radiators and pipework
  • Unable to control the heat coming from the system
  • Not enough hot water

Power Flushes removed sludge that will eventually block the system, which will lead to the heating system needing replaced.

What are the advantages of a Power Flush?

Your central heating system could benefit from a Power Flush by:

  • Improved energy efficiency of the heating system
  • Reduced chance of a boiler or system breakdown
  • Warmer radiators
  • Quicker heating up of radiators
  • Hot water temperatures will be higher

Power Flush Costs

£495 (inc VAT) for up to 12 radiators. £15.00 per radiator thereafter.  

£120 (inc VAT) for supply & fit of a Magna Clean Filter. Filters provide additional protection for central heating systems.